City of Peoria Probationary Employee Sues and Wins

January 6, 2020 Athena 0 Comments

A City of Peoria employee was terminated on the last day of his probationary period. He originally represented himself in his federal race discrimination lawsuit, until Athena agreed to step-in as his attorney in 2019. After she entered her appearance in the case, the City offered her client judgment in the amount of 80% of his lost wages in addition to his attorneys fees as awarded by the Court. The City challenged Ms. Herman’s claim for attorneys fees.

Entering judgment on behalf of her client, the Court ordered that the City pay Ms. Herman $425/hour for the time she worked on the case. Notably, the City was ordered by the Court to pay more than Ms. Herman had originally requested.

Jackson vs. City of Peoria (2019).

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